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Marine/ Floatation

How Sondor assists the Marine and Floatation Industries 

Sondor, industrial foam suppliers, has been assisting the Maritime Industry for over 70 years. With solutions to assist with floatation, soundproofing, and multiple other applications, you will be insulated, comfortable, and buoyant with us. 

Applications for the Marine Industry

  • Absorption of sound and vibration for engines with Soundseal
  • Foam sheeting can be used as boat deck carpet underlay.
  • Floatation devices such as buoys
  • Dock construction and repair
  • Our foam can be used in boat seating for waterproof comfort.
  • Sondor manufactures and supplies cross-linked closed cell expanded polyethylene (SPX), and cross-linked closed-cell expanded SVA in various densities for numerous floatation and buoyancy applications.
  • Neoprene is used in the making of wetsuits etc.
  • Shock absorption for protection of fragile equipment

Advantages of Sondor Foam

  • Custom designs can be CNC shaped out of a variety of our foams.
  • Sondor's SPX and SVA floatation foams are fully cross-linked closed cell expanded polyethylene materials.
  • Sondor's SPX buoyancy foam is fully closed-cell and will not absorb water even if the material is cut open.
  • Sondor SPX has Excellent buoyancy characteristics - able to support approximately 1000 Kg/m3.
  • Our range of foams has excellent shock absorption, vibration damping, insulation, and buoyancy characteristics.
  • Sondor SPX complies with SAMSA regulations section 9 & 9.1regarding floatation requirements. [Category A-E: (Off-shore) as well as category R: (Inland waters)]
  • Sondor's SVA 33 has been successfully evaluated by the SABS against the requirements of ISO 12402-7: 2007 section 4.8, which details the requirements for Personal Floatation Device Materials and Components, with specific reference to Foam Floatation Material. With the compliance of SVA33 to all requirements of the above standard, Sondor is able to offer SVA 33 for use in Personal Floatation Devices.
  • Soundseal is ECB certified and complies with the European Recreational Craft Directive 2003/44/EC.
  • Soundseal can be used on curved or flat surfaces and is easily converted for irregular shapes.
  • Soundseal is safe and fire-resistant.
  • The foams are resilient, compressible, and lightweight.
  • Our foam products have excellent sound insulation properties.
  • Specialists are available to assist with design, layout, and choice of materials.
  • Superior tensile strength, elongation, and weathering capabilities
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils, and fuels
  • SPX and SVA available in a wide range of densities, from 25 to 300 kg/m3
  • Our products are antimicrobial.


With branches in Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, Pretoria and Gqeberha, our knowledgeable representatives can advise the right solution for you. Find a branch near you for expert assistance. 



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