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How Sondor assists the Acoustic Industry

Businesses, homes and machinery have become far quieter thanks to state of the art sound insulation technology, such as Sondor's Acoustic Foam solutions.

Sondor, the leading industrial foam supplier in Cape Town and throughout South Africa, provides a range of industrial foam products to effectively absorb sound.

Sondor provides Acoustic foam to a number of industries that require the limiting or blocking of excessive noise and vibration.

Applications for Sondor’s Sound Insulation Foam Products

  • Transportation: Absorption of noise for engines in buses, trains, trucks, boats, ships (complies to European Recreational Craft Directive 2003/44/EC) and aircraft.
  • Industrial: Noise reduction of industrial machinery and equipment, manufacturing plants, air-conditioning and ventilation units, etc.
  • Architectural: Sound absorption for offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, theatres, cinemas, lecture rooms, libraries, and sports arenas.
  • Audio: Impact sound control and sound absorption for recording studios, broadcasting studios, and control rooms.
  • Residential: Soundproofing homes, apartments, home studios, home entertainment centres, and household appliances

Advantages of Sondor’s Acoustic Insulation Foam Products

  • Soundseal is ECB certified
  • Soundseal has excellent sound absorption properties
  • Our insulation foam can be used on curved or flat surfaces and is easily converted for irregular shapes
  • Sondor's foam products are safe and fire-resistant

Regardless of which Acoustic foam product you need, you can be sure that our products will keep you insulated and quiet. Contact us today for expert advice. 


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