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Building/ Construction

How Sondor assists the Building and Construction industry

Sondor, the top industrial foam manufacturer in South Africa, has been supplying the building and construction industry for over 70 years with the best products that help in protection and insulation in a wide range of applications.

Applications for the Construction Industry

  • Sondor Polyclosures used as eave and ridge sealers
  • Sondor provides durable door and window seals
  • Aerothene foam sheeting is used as an anti-vibration underlay for laminate floors
  • Ziplag is used as pipe insulation lagging in both hot and cold applications
  • Lapseal (compressible, self-adhesive, impregnated foam sealing strip) is used to waterproof and dustproof roof sheets
  • Duct lining
  • Anti-vibration floor underlay as well as carpet underlay
  • Gaskets and washers
  • Cladding for Roofs and Walls
  • Expansion joint material
  • Sound foam for acoustic insulation
  • Thermal insulation material
  • Adhesive tape
  • Groutex to place between concrete slabs
  • Shutter seal foam strip
  • Eave and ridge fillers
  • Backing cord
  • Dust proofing with door and window sealing strips

Advantages of Sondor Foam products

  • Sondor's Whisper and Hush (profiled sound absorption polyethylene) provide excellent soundproofing and sound insulation for rooms such as recording studios
  • Roof insulation improves indoor climate control for reducing heat loss and is excellent for energy conservation (heat insulation), as well as noise reduction

For all your building and construction needs, get in touch with our knowledgeable team of industrial foam suppliers in Cape Town, Pretoria, Gauteng, Durban or Gqerberha today.

Building Dissection
Door and Window Seals
Aerothene - Underlay for laminated floors
Jointex - Expansion Joints
Door and Window Seals
Sondorband - Waterproofing between window frames and walls
Ziplag - Lagging for hot and cold insulation pipes
Polyclosures - Eaves & Ridge sealer
Roof Insulation (Temperature and Sound)
Lapseal - Water and Dust proofing for roof sheets

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