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High density, cross-linked, closed cell, expanded Polyethylene joint former for water applications
  • An expansion joint former specifically developed for applications with a head of water exceeding 3 metres and not more than 15 metres.

Composition: Closed cell, expanded Polyethylene.
Density: 120 kg/m3 (nominal).
Size: Available in various sizes and thicknesses according to requirements.


Black or blue.

Features of this product
  • Aquajoint has particularly good compression qualities with good recovery capability.
  • Supplied with a hinged temporary blocking piece, leaving a clean, neat and perfectly sized groove providing a consistent depth channel for joint sealant.
  • Supplied cut to size, is labour saving and eliminates wastage.
  • The material is flexible and can be used around corners.
  • Aquajoint is waterproof, does not disintegrate, rot or swell.
  • No bond breaker required.
Technical Specs
  • Compression Deflection: (see graph).
  • Compression-Set: 25 % 22 hr COMP. / 24 hr REC.: <4 %.
  • Complies With: BS 6920 (water potability).
  • WRAS-UK certification.

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