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From agriculture to footwear and more. We know that you need specialisation when it comes to the peak functioning of your business. Find out more about how we specialise in a wide range of industries and how we can cater for your specific needs.

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When it comes to materials, you are looking for something that will improve operations from the get-go! Browse our performance materials and feel free to ask for expert advice for the right solution.

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Not only do we manufacture performance quality foams, but we have a range of processes to take your product through to completion. Take a look at what our factory can offer you.

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Are you looking for reliability and durability in a product for sealing, buoyancy or protection? Specialising in branded and exported products, you can trust in our exceptional quality and seal the deal without looking back.

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About Sondor

We are the leading manufacturer, converter & exporter of closed cell expanded polyethene & EVA foam in Africa. Backed by more than 70 years of industry expertise, we offer value for money, technical solutions for a broad range of sealing, insulation and buoyancy applications. We stock a comprehensive variety of products that are customisable, quickly available and consistently meet the highest Performance Quality standards.

Sondor's products are CFC and HCFC free. We comply with international standards, including where applicable: ISO 9001 or ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

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Community Initiative

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Allister Pohl

We take pride in being able to make a positive imp...

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Is Polyethylene Toxic?

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