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How Sondor assists the Air Conditioning and Appliance Industries

Air conditioning units, as well as appliances, require the correct amount of heat insulation and shock absorption to ensure correct and efficient function in high-use situations. Sondor, industrial foam suppliers, can provide specialised foam items that specifically provide heat insulation, shock absorption as well as sound-proofing of domestic and industrial appliances.

Applications for Sondor's Insulation Foam Products

  • Industrial: Noise reduction of industrial machinery and equipment, manufacturing plants, air-conditioning and ventilation units, etc.
  • Architectural: Sound absorption for offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, theatres, cinemas, lecture rooms, libraries, and sports arenas.
  • Residential: Soundproofing homes, apartments, home studios, home entertainment centres, and household appliances
  • Heat Insulation for HVAC systems and air conditioner units by means of Pipe Insulation
  • Duct Lining and tubing
  • Foam and rubber gaskets and washers for all sealing and anti-vibration applications
  • Filters and washers
  • Anti-vibration with the use of vibration pads
  • Soundproofing of industrial appliances
  • Protective packaging during transit of appliances with Sondor's Aerothene and Performance Bubble wrap

Advantages of Sondor's Insulation Foam Products

  • A wide variety of materials are available to ensure the correct compression strength and cushioning properties are selected for heat insulation and shock absorption
  • Sondor can fabricate gaskets from impregnated foams for irregular gaps acting as an excellent shock absorber
  • Noise reduction for industrial appliances
  • Effective heat insulation helps you save money on energy bills
  • All products are supplied according to customer specification
  • Flame retardant and anti-static grades are available to provide exceptional heat insulation
    Sondor is able to provide multiple quality foam product solutions for the air-conditioning and appliance industries, ensuring that your products are protected and perform as efficiently as possible. With branches in Cape Town, Pretoria, Gauteng, Durban and Gqeberha, our expert sales team will be able to advise on the right fit for you. Contact us today!


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