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How Sondor assists the Automotive Industry

Sondor has been assisting the Automotive Industry for many years and is a specialist when it comes to providing performance foam products for use in the manufacturing of motor vehicles. From the factory floor to specialised parts, you can count on Sondor's foams products when it comes to excellence with insulation, protection, noise reduction and functionality.

Applications for the Automotive Industry

  • Foam sheeting used for protection of body on production and assembly lines during vehicle manufacture
  • Plugging holes in bodywork
  • Tucker blocks for the protection of open screw threads in bodywork during the spray painting process
  • Protective packaging for car parts
  • Foam Seals and gaskets for fuel tanks, straps, rear spoilers, ABC&D pillars, safety-belt reels, air-vent flaps, and any dust proofing requirements
  • Sound absorption and soundproofing applications
  • Insulation for air-conditioning systems
  • Foam insulation against heat and absorption of engine noise on the road
  • Foam tubing for anti-rattle and anti-vibration protection
  • Foam insulation protection against scuffing and noise
  • Anti-fatigue mats and flooring for assembly lines
  • Foam dunnage packaging solutions
  • Aerothene (Non-cross linked polyethylene) for protective packaging requirements
  • Performance Bubble wrap for protective packaging and shock absorption of vehicles and equipment during transportation


Advantages of Sondor Automotive Foams

  • Sondor supplies products according to client specifications
  • Sondor complies with various automotive quality standards
  • Sondor can supply recyclable polyethylene for protective component packaging
  • Sondor has many years of experience in the automotive industry
  • Sondor has converting branches near all major vehicle manufacturing locations, and staff are on hand to meet clients' daily requirements
  • Sondor has close ties with many overseas companies in the automotive and foam industry


Additional capabilities for Automotive Foam Products


With branches in Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, Pretoria and Gqeberha, our knowledgeable representatives can advise the right solution for your Automotive Foam Supplier needs. Find a branch near you for expert assistance. 

Automotive Dissection

Aperture seals
Headliner liner spacer blocks
Instrument panel insulation
Airflow seals on radiator and heat exchangers
HVAC duct seals
Airflow seals on radiator and heat exchangers
Light housing seals
Windscrean Dam Seals and Packaging
A, B, C Pillar insulation
A, B, C Pillar insulation
A, B, C Pillar insulation
A, B, C Pillar insulation
Bumper spacers
Door pad insulation and dust seals

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