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How Sondor assists the Packaging and Protection Industries

Sondor, industrial manufacturers, offers a range of foam options for cushioning, shock absorption, protective packaging, and packaging for display purposes.

Applications of Sondor's Packaging Foams

  • Space fillers ensure products are snugly packaged, preventing damage when shipping fragile items and during storage.
  • Load spreaders protect against impact at specific points, spreading the shock over a larger area.
  • Cushion packaging protects against shock and vibration and is an excellent anti-rattle solution.
  • Ideal for applications requiring low surface abrasion and fragile packaging, such as electronic components, weapons and is the perfect choice for fruit packing
  • Foam linings for interiors and case inserts
  • Suitable for packaging of military equipment, weapons, and explosives
  • Multiple shock absorption foam applications for delicate items
  • Display packaging and box foam inserts
  • Musical instrument packaging
  • Corner protector pads to protect around sharp corners
  • Tool packaging
  • Vibration dampening and scratch protection for furniture shipping
  • Aerothene foam socks for fragile items such as fruit and glassware

Advantages Sondor's Packaging Foams

  • Sondor has versatile fabrication processes such as heat moulding, thermo punching, routing, and die-cutting, enabling endless custom solutions. Our packing foam can easily be cut to size required. 
  • A variety of Sondor's products can be laminated to one another if required.
  • Our range of high quality foam packaging materials has excellent shock absorption, anti-vibration, insulation, and buoyancy characteristics.
  • Sondor products are aesthetically appealing.
  • Sondor can manufacture anti-static foams. 
  • Our Packaging foams are resilient, compressible, and lightweight.
  • Available in a variety of colours including black packing foam
  • Sondor's foams are chemical and UV resistant.
  • Sondor foams are CFC Free, HCFC free and non-toxic.
  • Custom box inserts - Sondor offers CNC Routing services, which can custom cut our foam products to any shape, cushioning your products perfectly as packaging inserts. 

For a cost-effective packing materials solution, ask our knowledgeable team about our Aerothene and Performance Bubble Wrap packaging foam sheets and rolls, which is manufactured from low-density polyethylene raw material. This sustainable option is chemically unreactive, non-irritant, biologically inert and fully recyclable.

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