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Is Polyethylene Recyclable?

Is Polyethylene Recyclable?

At Sondor, when it comes to materials, we strive to understand, inform, and use materials to our best abilities. We also principally consider the impacts on the environment that these materials and products have. Let's take a closer look at commonly used Polyethylene.

Is Polyethylene recyclable?

Sustainability is becoming an increasing factor in whether consumers will use or purchase a product. At Sondor, Polyethylene is used in the majority of our products from packaging film like bubble wrap, sealing strip, pool covers, and buoyancy products.

We strive to contribute to a circular economy instead of producing single-use plastics. We are glad to inform our consumers that Polyethylene "in most forms" is one of our recyclable products.

What type of Polyethylene do we use, and what are their applications?

There are a few types of Polyethylene, but we will be looking closely at the two types that we most frequently use. Low-Density Polyethylene is more commonly recognized as LDPE, and linear low-density Polyethylene is more widely recognized as LLDPE. Polyethylene is a synthetic product and, therefore, not biodegradable. Linear Low-Density Polyethylene is a product typically used for plastic packaging for a shorter period as it is not as durable. On the other hand, low-Density Polyethene is a remarkably durable material that typically needs to stand the test of time, and is used to make our foam packaging products. It is used for many applications from packaging, insulating and protecting to sporting, medical and automotive.  

Taking a closer look at Recycling Polyethylene

Recycling is different for each type of Polyethylene. Once produced and used, some Polyethylene products cost more to recycle than dispose of in landfills. However, the benefits of recycling still outweigh the cost. It is estimated that recycling 2 tons of used plastic saves 1 ton of crude oil, a large amount of water and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

What you can do to support recycling initiatives

There are several ways to recycle Polyethylene. One option is to separate Polyethylene into smaller pieces, which can then be melted down and reshaped into new products. Another possibility is to combine Polyethylene with other recyclable materials, such as cardboard or glass bottles, to create new products with additional features. Additionally, there are specialized recycling centres that are specifically designed for processing polyethylene waste and turning it into useful materials. Whatever method you choose, the important thing is to recycle Polyethylene and help reduce our collective environmental impact. By reusing this valuable resource instead of simply throwing it away or burning it, we can all do our part to help protect the planet for future generations.

Sondor is EPR Compliant

As a consumer, you can rest assured that we are compliant with measures to avoid pollution and secure sustainable measures within our factory. As an EPR compliant company, we take responsibility for the product's life cycle and are certified according to section 18 of the National Environmental Management Waste Act of 2008. Our LDPE and LLDPE materials in our Aerothene and Bubble Wrap materials are also fully recyclable.


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