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Sondor Sales Representatives are travelling in style

Sondor Sales Representatives are travelling in style

We care about our company image, and we are proud of our work - so why not show it off? We've recently added a new look to our company fleet and are thrilled to share the news with our loyal customer base. 

Safe and comfortable from Parow Industria to N4 Gateway Industrial Park

You may have noticed that the company vehicles driving around key locations in South Africa are looking a bit different. We've decided to give them a branding makeover with our Sondor company logo. Not only does it look outstanding, but it also helps raise awareness about our business when sales representatives go out and meet with clients. Everyone can see what we are up to, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and in-between. 

We've purchased seven new Toyota Starlets, each branded with our custom company logo. Over the next few days, our existing vehicles will also receive their new branding. Whether you're passing our sales representatives in the streets of Port Elizabeth or Cape Town, be sure to keep an eye out for our expert team. This is a first for Sondor and we are excited to take on even more compelling changes in the future.

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